The Canetics Solutions Process
Canetics implements a process for every solution.

Process Begins
The process begins when customers who require expertise to engineer, test and manufacture electronic products engage Canetics as their partner to turn ideas into commercially successful products. Throughout the process, Canetics delivers advanced technology solutions from concept to market.

The Canetics team works with customers to define exact product requirements, establish product cost targets and create an implementation plan. This plan forms the foundation of the product realization process.

Technology Assessment
Canetics works with customers to define exact product requirements, establish product cost targets and create an implementation plan

Product Design
Using concurrent engineering methodologies and advanced design automation tools, Canetics designs the product in accordance with the product specifications and unit cost targets.

Manufacturing Test Strategy
Comprehensive manufacturing test solutions are driven by early development of a manufacturing test strategy. Canetics designs leading edge test system to meet product quality requirements and manufacturing speed and cost targets.

Printed Circuit Board Design
Canetics designers transform electrical schematics into printed circuit board designs. Advanced electronic design automation tools leverage the latest technology in controlled impedance routing, signal quality analysis, electromagnetic compliance and component packaging. These tools assure compliance with the latest manufacturing technologies, and regulatory requirements

First simulations and electronic models are generated are electronically distributed for review. This ensures conformance to specifications, compresses the development cycle and reduces costly physical prototype iterations. Canetics then manufactures physical prototypes while at the concurrently setting up the volume production manufacturing process.

Design Verification
Prototypes undergo rigorous testing for compliance to the product functional specification, safety , regulatory and industry specific standards.

Procurement and Materials
Canetics industry commodity specialists work with strategic global supplier alliances to provide competitive material pricing and flexible sources of supply

Manufacturing Test System Deployment
Test equipment qualified to the test specification is delivered to the manufacturing floor

A limited number of units are built to verify the manufacturing process, test equipment functionality and supply chain readiness

Information and Quality Systems
Information and quality systems are integrated into the manufacturing process. These systems are utilized to minimize product cost and maximize product quality.

Volume Manufacturing
The volume manufacturing cycle completes the product realization process. This cycle utilizes leading edge manufacturing equipment and technologies, sustaining engineering and continuous product improvement.



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